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I stumbled upon this cool little flash photo gallery script that allows you to run a cool flash slideshow on your site. It is super easy to install and use. It’s basically a few files you have to upload and change the permissions to.  (that’s not what you’re looking for I’d definitely try ActiveDen.  There are currently over 20 different flash xml scripts you can use as templates or galleries.  And most are pretty cheap.)

Then upload your images and it will create the thumbnails for you. You do need GD library installed on your server for the image resizing feature so make sure you have that installed first.Photos of Norway I installed it on my Photos of Norway site in just a few minutes. There is also a cool flickr script which you can also use to create a cool flash gallery from your flickr photos.

The simpleviewer script is great for showing off your photos and is perfect if you are a photographer and need to easily display your photos on your website. Because it is flash though it’s not the best for search engine optimization purposes. I would suggest putting your photo gallery either in a subdirectory or if you do add it to your homepage that you do it in a way that leaves some space for static content.

I added a table to the top of my photos of norway site that includes static links to other sections of the site that the search engines can see and I could of added more text content to the lower section of the page if I wanted but left it out since I am not running an seo campaign for my photos of norway site. But if you are concerned with using flash for your photography site then there are ways to do it where you can still create an seo optimized page mixing flash with static content.

If you are looking for a more advanced flash photo gallery script be sure to check out my photo slideshow page where I display a very nice looking flash gallery that can be embedded into any site.

If you want more information or need help installing this or any script on your website please contact me. I’m a professional web designer that can help you with your business website.

If you’d like to take a look at a cool non flash website for your photography website then check out that link. You don’t need flash for a spiffy looking site.

If you need any help designing or optimizing your website please contact me.

Also, you might be interested in this super simple flash gallery that pulls images from your flickr account.  You can use it on your blog or normal html site.  It is also Free.

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Embed Slideshow Pro in WordPress

Advanced Flash Slideshow – the best one on the market in my opinion.

Interested in creating more exciting slide shows of your photographs? Check out Animoto

XML Gallery Interested in creating flash slideshows or entire flash based websites with your photos? Check out Activeden

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  1. just wondering how you got the simpleviwer link to be hidden..


  2. I didn’t hide the link on purpose it just ended up that way after I added the header I guess. I’m not sure why the link is hidden now.

  3. thnx so much for this script, it works realy well and looks good



  4. Hi there,

    Do you know how to embed this gallery onto a flash webpage. This would be a great help if you could tell me.

    Thanks in advance


  5. To embed this gallery into another flash file you have to be able to edit your original flash .fla file. You also have to purchase the source code files of SimpleViewer. Once you do that I believe you just import the source code file as a symbol into your original flash file. There might be instructions on doing that once you buy the SimpleViewer source code.

    I hope that makes sense.


  6. i want to use the photos of norway slideshow on my site.. wut do i need to do?? how and where do i download the player from?? is it free??

  7. hello – in trying to add a dynamic javascript gallery – such as the one you built here – to my wordpress based site, is there an already built plug in you would recommend? thanks in advance

  8. Hi, I like the non-flash site. Can you tell me how you did that?

  9. Hello Jef,
    I am looking for an “advanced flash photo gallery script” for personal use (for my own website). I loved your “photo slideshow”. Do I have any chance to get it ?
    Best regards,

  10. Hi there,
    I see your flash galleries they are really cool and attractive. I’am a new designer so don’t have enough knowledge about flash and animation but i like to use your advance flash photo gallery script.if you send me the script and the procedure to use then it will be greatly appriciated.anyway, it’s a great stuff.

  11. Hi Jeff, I would like your help in adding a flash photo gallery to my first website. please can you tell me step by step procedure which will be easier for me to get going with it.


  12. You can learn more about how to Embed Slideshow Pro into WordPress
    by clicking that link.

    Slideshow Pro is by far the best flash photo gallery script on the market in my opinion. The admin section in Slideshow Pro Directory is nothing short of remarkable. It’s by far the easiest way to update your flash slideshow on your site.

  13. Great site – it helps a lot.
    I’m very interested in the non- flash photo gallery. Any Information?

  14. Can i use this script for my Website

  15. Hi Ian,

    Most likely you forgot to upload the javascript libraries that make that non flash gallery work. I’d search Google for “lightbox 2″ and download the appropriate javascript files and include them on your own site.

  16. Hello, I’m interested in your ‘advanced flash photo gallery script’ where can i download it

  17. You can find it by doing a Google search for Slideshow Pro.

  18. i want to use free hosting on my website .. can i still use your advanced flash on my free hosting? i am very new to all this… thanks i would like to know more about it..

  19. @kyan – No you can’t use the advanced slideshow on a free hosting site. You’ll need your own hosting for that. If you need hosting for slideshow pro let me know.

  20. Hi jeff ! Just wondering How do i get the scripts?
    many thanks

  21. Hi Jeff, I like the script it’s so cool, but I’m not sure how to change the intro (loading name) and the link below the image frame.

    Can u help me?


  22. I’ve installed it in my website and it works fine. Thanks

  23. Wooww!!! Thanks a lot. You save my day.
    Thank a lot!

  24. Hi Jeff,

    I too would like to know how you did the “non flash web site” photo gallery. Can you please tell me how to get the script, please?

    thank you!!

  25. Hi Kelley,

    I designed that non flash gallery using a script called Lightbox 2 found here

    I’ll most likely be releasing some free templates like that in the future. If you want updates please subscribe to my feed. Thanks!

  26. do you have any script for videos?

  27. Try… it can work with video as well.

  28. But I can’t understand how to put TiltViewer XML Gallery to my site on There I am working with css and I am not so smart like you people!) And instruction doesn’t help at all – it’s for people who knows everything (((.

  29. Yeah Tiltviewer is really cool. XML is pretty simply to edit but you need your own hosting so you can upload the text file that controls the images and info. All it takes is reading the provided instructions.

  30. Hey Markus.. yeah you can get it at

  31. yes, i have read instruction with friend who is working in IT bussines!)) But anyway gallery doesn’t work! I have new site where I can download to ftp so here you can see the link of the site – I can’t get images to gallery!) even my friend can’t help me ( he knows very well html, xml, css ….))))) sorry.

  32. Aglon,, looks like tiltviewer is actually working.. you might want to check your xml file though.. looks like you might have the wrong links in it. Try using exact urls to your images… so use: or wherever it is you keep your images.

    If that doesn’t work you might want to just pick up a small hosting account somewhere.. maybe hostgator. I never recommend using free hosts because they limit you in many aspects to what you can do with your site. Good luck!

  33. Finally, got what I was looking for!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. Glad I stumbled into this article! smile I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

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