Can’t Claim My Blog on Technorati

Sometimes it takes me a long time before I go out of my way to sign up or submit by blog or sites to directories or services that are new to me. Technorati has been around awhile now and although I don’t use their service I thought I would sign up for their free account so I could atleast claim my blog. I created my account about 2 or 3 weeks ago and tried to claim my blog with no luck. All it says is Error: Unclaimable Blog. Their instructions on how to claim a blog are very vague, saying that you need to place some code on your blog to properly claim it, but they don’t say where you get the code or what it looks like. I immediately emailed support to ask how I can claim my blog. Have I heard a sinlge word back? Nope, nothing. It has been weeks and haven’t heard a thing. I have sent 3 emails to support so far and it doesn’t look like they have support techs at all. I know technorati is a free service but I alteast expect if they do offer a service that there be a clear support section to help users understand how their service works.

I searched Google for help on this and found something on claiming a blog that I thought would help but didn’t. I applied the example code as described and that didn’t work. It’s a very wordy post that doesn’t really clear things up. The author does talk about how technorati’s support is lacking though which I totally agree with. So guess I won’t be claiming my blog any time soon unless techorati responds. Makes me wonder if they ban blogs. Way to go notechrati.

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  1. I would like to show allegience to Jeff, and state that I am in exactly the same postion with technorati as my blog won’t claim. I have been trying for months, sent several emails, with no response.

    It’s been claimed by feedburner (which is 100 times more straight forward). Looks like I will never get it claimed.

  2. Here we are in April 2009 – and I have to agree with this blogger…..STILL trying to claim my blog with Technorati – sent email to service and no response…. :(

  3. I also tried to claim my blog, but got the same thing. Cannot claim the blog. I wondered what was happening. So, there’s no way to claim it?

  4. Still Can’t Claim My Blog on Technorati an error appera like this The URL you provided is invalid. Please check the URL and try again.

    i have tried a lot of time. but still get the same problem…

  5. I try to claim my blog about every other day to see if something got fixed. Still nothing, and I can’t find a solution to fixing it nor can I get the ping to work, oh well. Albert Einstein said that the definition of stupidity is: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I will no longer check Technorati, it sucks.

  6. I was trying to claim my free dating sites blog and got the same problem THEN I noticed that the URL I pasted in didn’t have the www so I added that and was able to claim my blog.

    Try it and let me know…

  7. I have the same problem! I tried everything.
    The Technorati Support is too bad! :(

    Let me now if someone have got the solution.

  8. I’m trying to claim my blog logicia blog which you can see clearly exists but I’m getting the ‘URL you provided is invalid’ error too.

  9. Yep, me too. Tried every possible variation of my blogs url and it wont take.

    Must be something to do with the feedburner / wordpress combo

  10. I got the same thing:The URL you provided is invalid.
    I spent a few minutes to register, but now I feel like a fool.

  11. I have the same Problem with my Blog

    If anyone have a Solution please report here.


  12. same thing for me. Technorati support seems non existent. I’ve sent multiple emails with no response. For such a big website it seems utterly useless!

    Feel like giving up but really want to get it working!

  13. Honestly I wouldn’t even worry about it. I stopped using/visiting Technorati probably 2 or more years ago. When a company creates a service they don’t support or that doesn’t work I move on… fast.

  14. My blog was successfully claimed at Technorati a few months ago but this month it appears to be “unclaimed”. I tried to re-claim it but it gives a 602 error, informing me that my site is already in their database. Yet, it does not appear in my profile so I cannot ping it…

    I know Technorati has done some major upgrades in the beginning of May but I assumed it would be sorted out by now. Their Support is also non-existent. No replies to emails and I can’t ping anything anyway.

    Maybe it’s time to ignore Technorati, as Jeff suggested.

  15. If you can’t claim your blog and they don’t answer support there is really nothing you can do. If they do have upgrades planned for the future I’d wait a few months and try it again. Overall though you’re probably not missing out on much if your blog isn’t listed at technorati.

  16. Same is the problem withme. tried several times but no luck. Technorati sucks

  17. Problem here as well. I can claim the blog but once I have successfully claimed it, the HTML breaks up in the editing section! Thus it’s claimed but I can’t write a description because under the box the page refuses to load in that section. For existing blogs it loads the settings properly. Technorati seems to be quite messed up. Doesn’t matter what browser or PC I use…

  18. If it makes anyone feel better, Technorati is of the opinion that is an invalid URL.

  19. Ha! Well, if they can’t validate then I have no hope!

    I have a few blogs and apparently none of them are valid URLs. For such a well known and widely used service you’d expect a system which… works?

  20. I was able to claim 4 blogs without incident and then all of a sudden I try to claim 2 new ones and get the message

    The URL you provided is invalid. Please check the URL and try again.

    I’ve tried to email them but they just ignore me.

    These guys really need to shape up and get some support.

  21. i had the same problem and managed to claim the blog after a few hours of banging my head against the keyboard.
    Here is a quick tip in case you are using WordPress:

    1. get the claim code from technorati by starting the blog claim process
    2. Very important step! – Go to Settings -> Reading and set For each article in the feed, show FULL TEXT. If you show Excerpts, the claim won’t work (such was my case and I tried to claim for over 50 times with no luck until I disabled the feed excerpts)
    3. Technorati has to get to the claim code through the RSS feed so just post a dummy article with the code – the feed will update.
    That’s it, I hope it helps. :-)


  22. I’ve been trying for about a month. Either the monster got loose again, or the URL is invalid, or this, or that, or nothing. I can’t get it to work at all. My blogs are on Blogger. One has a vanity URL, one is the standard BlogSpot URL. Neither work, according to Technorati.

    I believe it’s time to move on.

  23. Well I’ll be! After leaving here I did a little more Googling and went back to Technorati. I can claim my blog now. I made a slight modification, and it works now. I put the code in a post by itself and published that. Previously, the code was in a post with other text and it did not work. So, my claim works now.

  24. Thanks for the tip Scott. I’m sure most everyone reading this post will find your tip useful.

  25. Claim your blog through your RSS rather than your actual URL.

    All the best

    The Binocular

  26. Worked for me after a few tries. Just had to make sure the code comes out in the Feed. It didn’t have to be a link or appear in the front page.

  27. I have been unable to claim my blog as well, it has been a couple of months. I have the code in a separate post on my blog, and Technorati claims my “claim is in process.” I have sent three emails, and have received automated responses.

    It is very disapointing to me that a website with the reputation of Technorati would behave like this.

  28. Haha.. I don’t even remember the last time I visited Technorati… seriously. I don’t think it’s that necessary.

  29. When i get the claim code after submit my link. I have to add my claim code on my home page or my feed?

    Thank you

  30. Same issue still in November.

  31. After getting one blog listed, I was never able to get the other one listed. Honestly, I’m not even sure if it matters to me anymore. Is Technorati of any use to bloggers anymore?

  32. Same for me, not able to claim my blog and no reply from their customer service. I just dont understand, they could at least reply to my email.

  33. Hey guys, here’s some tips:

    1. Show full feed whilst you verify your blogs.
    2. have at least 3 posts published.
    3. Do not put “forum” or “category” in the claim tags
    4. Make sure the latest post IS under 30 days old.

    All the best

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