Ten Persuasive Writing Techniques

Ten persuasive writing techniques you can use right now in your copy.

With a short description they are:


Repeat your offer or case over and over again. Vary it up so you’re not repeating exactly the same thing. Use analogies etc.

Reasons Why

People respond more to reasons why… ie. Do this because if you don’t you’ll lose out later.


People like consistency. Be consistent in your copy and overall message.

Social Proof

Offer testimonials, endorsements, proof others have purchased from you as well. People take comfort in knowing others are have chosen your business.


Everyone likes comparisons. Show how your product or service is different. Use metaphors, similes and analogies. If you’ve tested show exact test results.

Agitate and Solve

Show you understand a prospects pain by having gone through the same situation they are currently in. Show how the problem affected you and how you solved it.


Predict future scenarios and convince people with your credentials.

Go Tribal

People want to have a sense of belonging. Offer a way of becoming part of a select group and you’ll have people on board.

Address Objections

Again, Reason Why… Address all objections someone has against your offer. Also called risk reversal. Take out all the risk of your offer and put it on yourself.


Basic storytelling. Writing persuasive copy comes down to being able to write compelling stories. It includes all the things above.

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  1. Really good advise. The problem is that one is always trying to get the maximum amount of copy in the minimum amount of space. Would it be possible for a sample to be posted?

  2. perfect!

  3. Still in Highschool and this, really helped i think. Thnx alot xD

  4. dude thanks man…seriously..this is helping me a lot..no kiddin

  5. and also fyi tmr is my exam and dude this is just perfect! its awesome! on my way to good grades!

  6. These are really useful suggestions, but there are a few others which are also very important to consider – such as:
    *Rhetorical Questions
    *Subjective views as objective
    *Personal Pronouns
    If you are currently taking your GCSE English exams, then these techniques are very useful and will allow you to gain marks and improve the quality of your writing.
    You will also need to remember these techniques (especially if your examing board in WJEC) because in paper two you will need to analyse two texts, comment on the effect and imapct of the techniques and how they shape the text. You will then be required to compare and contrast the two pieces.
    You may also decide to comment on techniques such as hyperbole.

    If you would like me to explain any of the above techniques, please post a comment on this page and I will respond to it with immediate effect.

    Cheers for the help.

  7. Really thought provoking tips. I shall definitely try and approach my copies keeping these pointers in mind from now on.

  8. This really helped me with my english course work i hate course work it is so hard !!!

  9. That’s fine – I’m only a student by the way! No worries.

  10. THX………..really helped me!!!!!!

  11. Clear-cut post. will really help in writing.

  12. hya i am just writing to let you know that you have realy helped me!

  13. thnx alot im in yr 8 in high school and we had to do a persuasive letter but i lost all my notes so this helped.

  14. thnx dis is perfect…still in highschool n dis will help 4 my english paper!!:)

  15. very useful thankyou xxxx <3 :)

  16. thanks for giving me this info. it helped me alot
    and it gave me a good grade

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