Free Hi Resolution Chevron Patterns

Free Hi Resolution Chevron Patterns

Grab this set of ten high resolution chevron backgrounds below.  Free download!

free chevron paper pack

Resolution of each of the jpegs is 2500×3333.  Perfect for the backgrounds of greeting cards, business cards, etc. Even for websites.  You can obviously size these down if you want.

Btw, I designed all these patterns myself.


To download please subscribe to my newsletter below.  You’ll be sent a confirmation email and once you confirm your subscription you’ll be sent the email with the download links.  Thank you.




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  1. I just went to download your free chevron paper pack, I got an error message.

  2. Same as comment above. Tried to download after liking on Facebook- error message.

  3. Hi Lynsey, can you refresh the page and try again? I fixed the broken link. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. I fixed the link. Should work now. Try it again. If not let me know. Thank you.

  5. I tweeted this but it didn’t unlock. I refreshed and it still didn’t work.
    Love your work!

  6. Hi jeff, I can not access the link to download, forgive my English but I am using a translator because I speak Spanish

  7. All fixed, I was able to access. Thank you

  8. How do I download your freebies? :-) Great work!

  9. Hi Sara, you have to unlock the download link by clicking on one of the social networks under the “this content is locked” box. It should work now.

  10. Hi, just to let everyone know that I have changed the way you can access downloads. The prior method involved unlocking the download link by liking my page on facebook, but many people were having a problem with it. So, I’ve changed things so now you just have to subscribe to my newsletter and an email is sent with the links.

  11. This sucks, I subscribed for the newsletter, but no link…………

  12. Hi Ané, I see you received the email. Glad you finally found it.

  13. I didn’t get an email for the link either. It’s not in spam either.

  14. Hi Tiffany, I checked and I show you received it and opened it.

  15. Hi Jeff, I tried to suscribe but I didn’t receive the email yet :/ what can I do?

  16. Hi Amanda, I’d check your spam folder. Sometimes online email services like gmail, hotmail and outlook think the email sent is spam because it has the word free in it. I’d check there. If you still don’t find it let me know. Thanks

  17. Subscribed but no link…

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